Yes, there was in fact once a time when Random Crap thrived. Immediately upon its realization, people from all corners of the interwebs fled to it like a flock of sheep. Page-after-page came flooding in; alas, the future of Random Crap seemed bright and then, as quick as it had begun, it died...

Mark andrew

Mark Andrew.

"Think of New York City and then imagine a massive tsunami destroying it," Mark Andrew, president and CEO of the RC association, stated last month in a press-interview. "That's what happened to Random Crap (on, of course, a much smaller scale).

The association soon pushed further in a deperate attempt for popularity. Their once thriving community had vanished and now they were left to take drastic measures.

Mark Andrew left the company for a more successful career, stating, "I loved this company whilst it lasted; unfortunately, I have no other choice but to move on." He passed his role onto George Andrew, his younger brother, who underwent a search for more workers.

"I promise to put the 'Random' back in Random Crap," he stated.

Unfortunately, his promises were never fulfilled and he, too, left the company in search of a better career. With no other option left, Karlyn Smith, one of the higher-ranking female employees at the business, took over. Her reign
Karlyn smith

Karlyn Smith.

added some short-lived popularity, but died down as soon as a week.

She compared it to a mass genocide. Somehow, this website remained empty for the remainder of the time. Karlyn Smith is still trying to work out the issues faced by the company as a whole, and still has yet to announce a departure.

"As of now," she says, "we will have to 'wait out the storm'."