Spock is a fictional species of thick-browed humanoids that appears in the Star Trek series. They thrive in the planet, locally known as Spockoid, a universe teeming with millions of these beings.


This type of Spock is the most known of the beings. You can tell, by his more aged looks. His hair is more noticeably blacker than other species.

There are about seven different types of Spock, the one most known is simply referred to as Spock. Although, most Spocks have younger-looking skin, the Spock, discovered in 1955, is an older cousin. However, he still dwells in far corners of Spockoid.

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The Faggot Spock is a younder, and gayer, version of Spock. He appears younger, when really he is probably as old as the Spock.

Faggot Spock is a newly discovered species, with half of the population on Spockoid being covered by these creatures. Discovered in 2009, it may be possible that these are the females, but no one is quite clear about it.