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Some unrelated pic of Pitfall.

The Soul series is a fighting game series made by Namco. Unlike other games, this one has you own your opponent with a SWORD. That's right, a SWORD...or a lot of other weapon types, but they're all referred to as swords (smart Namco...) The series is about how these warriors are stupid enough to believe that an evil sword named Soul Edge is worthy to their cause, but the sword's sister, Soul Calibur, tells them that the sword is being controlled by an evil soul called Inferno, and is trying to corrupt the world into it's own image. They keep trying to kill Inferno, but some strange dude named Zasamael steals both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur to kill himself, because he's immortal, but wants to end his life. Well, he tries to get Segfried and Nightmare to fight, as they wield the two swords, and a clash between the swords would seemingly end the world. However, instead of destroying reality, it revives a "Hero King" named Agol, who's so overpowered, he's banned in official SCIV tournaments. Agol tries to get the swords to be fully revived, as well as doing some crazy things (like capturing Star Wars characters as sacrifices, but that failed). Well, he is stopped by...wait, we don't know...

The series has a habit of including guest characters from other franchises as well. They include

  • Link, from The Legend of Zelda
  • That one one dude from Tekken, who's name starts with an "Hei"
  • Spawn, from Todd McFarlene's popular comic "Spawn"
  • Lloyd Ivring, from Tales of Symphonia
  • Yoda, Darth Vader, and Starkiller, all from Star Wars
  • Kratos, from Got of War
  • Dante WAS going to be in SCIII, but he was scrapped

Oh, and Soulcalibur II is the best game in the series! :D