Here's an exclusive look at the upcoming comic series, Rickbot, about a little robot who discovers what it truly means to be "human"...


  • Rickbot (or RICK) is the main protagonist. He is cared for by a man named Bruce and a woman named Carrie. After encountering an anti-robot city, he embarks on a journey to discover what it truly means to be human and to defeat the upcoming threat.
  • Bruce is a strong, but caring man who finds Rick stranded in the desert. He drives him to a diner to eat and serves as his driver and friend.
  • Carrie is a waitress working at the diner Rick encounters. Unfortunately, the city does not accept robots due to their history and despises Rick. Carrie, however, decides to let him have a sandwich at the end of her shift.
  • Alfie is main antagonist who soon discovers Rick's arrival and plans a robot uprising to enslave the human race.