Operation: Fused is the name of a once-mildly-popular Scratch RPG. It can be found here. When it first started out, it was a christmas gift a Scratch user named petvet300 (real name Emmeh) made for her friends. It soon gained more and more popularity, until reaching mild well-knowness. It would soon come to the day, however, that a user named rainpath98 would join.

At first, it didn't seem like anything major was happening, but Rain, along with fellow user shadowdude505, were turning Fused into a porn hub. People kept leaving, and then supersonicfan0 came, and started putting in Sonic-themed stuff into the mix. Now, if there's one thing I hate, it's Sonic fanboys. So, along with a bunch of other fellow Scratch RPers who's minds weren't clogged with "Playboy 4 Kidz", we banished them to Hell, forever.

Well, not SO forever...Rain and Shadow came back. The threat meter is rising again, so avoid them at all costs. Supersonicfan0, however, left permanently to make sprite comics on a website whose URL is censored on the Scratch forums. Otherwise, Fused is now safe, but there's barely any activity. There are occasional RP spurts, though. Hey, did I ever mention that Fused RP'er agscratcher is working on a game called Fatal Fused, which is basically a Fused-themed version of Mortal Kombat? It's still in planning stages, though, so don't expect it anytime soon! Oh and Fused has a website, just so you know..

However, besides that slip-up, Fused is actually a quite fun RPG. It is about humans who's DNA are mixed with those of animals by an evil organization known as the SI, although it is not clear what that means, or whether it means anything. Although the owner claimed it meant nothing, it could be, "Sick Idiots" "Scientific Industry" "Stupid Idiots" "Squawking Iguanas", or any other thing like that. However, the second guess is most agreed on.

The SI abused the Fused, and used them for tests and work. Soon, the Fused become restless and want to escape. The player makes up their fused, role-plays their escape from the SI, and then role-plays their life in a modern world full of humans, Earth.