Noseybonk is believed to be a demon, whos known for his strange habits of performing "soul-stealing" acts of kindness and pleasure. He disguises himself in a peculiar mask, which is believed to have become permanently stuck to his face in an incident involving a glue gun on set. Others theorize that he was born with the mask as his natural face. A more common theory tells of Noseybonk's childhood days, before he had the massive nose and strangely-placed eyes. He was a normal kid and attended an elementary school somewhere near Britain. Here, he was often teased for his small size and light build. While all the other boys in his school were that of more stronger build, little Noseybonk (or Rodger, as some people believe he was named) was more of a "wimp" or "weakling". Well, one day, Rodger was taking a trip with his stepmother around a local mall. He came across a small shop that was completely dedicated to selling masks. They were odd and seemed almost alien-like. Suddenly, one mask in particular caught his wandering gaze. It had strangely-placed eyes and a huge nose that stuck out of the mask like a tree. In fact, it was probably the biggest thing on it. Rodger begged his mother to buy it and, for some odd reason, she approved. He then used this to frighten everyone at school and carried around a pocket knife. When he reached his adulthood, he almost never took off the mask and decided to broadcast his evilness to the world in a show called Jigsaw. Some believe he used this show to secretly inplant cloaking devices on children, by using the advantage of hidden messages throughout the show. This would then lead the kids to think and work in a different way. At times, even acting like wild animals! Eventually, as the device's power became stronger, the kids would have their faces replaced with Noseybonk faces. They would then be part of the secret organization known as "N.O.S.E." (no one is quite sure what the letters stand for), which worked on world domination through stealing souls and such. Noseybonk has also made several attempts at murdering famous people. Some think Noseybonk was the one who hired John Wilkes Booth to assassinate Abraham Lincoln or it may have been Noseybonk himself.