1 The Rise of Chuck Norris! June 5, 2003

Chuck Norris discovers his father was a superhero and follows in his footsteps. A serpentine villain, Randall, however, does not approve of this and decides to go toe-to-toe with Chuck in a battle.

2 Bogus, Dude! June 7, 2003

Chuck is sent back to the '70s. There, he meets his younger self and has to team up with him to save Bruce Lee from a villain, whom he calls himself "The Radar".

3 Small, But Deadly! June 9, 2003

A little buy possesses demonic powers and begins attacking the city. Chuck Norris decides to help free him of his exorcism, but is suddenly attacked by The Devil himself, which turns out to be a tiny imp.

4 Wisdom Comes First! June 11, 2003

An old man tells Chuck Norris that he needs a team to help fight evil, but Chuck ignores him. He's dumbfounded, however, when he meets a villain too strong for one to handle alone.