An internet argument is started when two complete morons who have no time on their hands clash in the comments section of Youtube or some other troll-populated website. These arguments usually result in nothing, no one ever wins, and the conversation often hits rock bottom with no further explanation whatsoever (as seen below.)




Bob was bored and decided to ask his friend, Joe, to meet him at the coffee shop. Both Bob and Joe got ready and met each other there exactly at noon and started engaging in a heated debate.

Bob: What's so great about anime? Frankly, I don't see its greatness, just how majorly overrated and dumb it is. Basically pointless if you ask me.

Joe: How dare you! Anime is the best! You're just jealous!

Bob: Jealous? Over that bat crap? Pfft... Please! Don't even get me started! All i see is a bunch of fat pimply dudes dressing up as Sailor Moon and Naruto.

Joe: You're GAY! If only Goku were here to kick you in the BALLS!

Bob: Now you're threatining me with a fictitious character? How low have you become Joe? Jeez...

Joe: Go die in a hole you rotten peace of crap!

Bob: Your maturity level is showing...


Bob: ...