Bananas are yellow, ugly, fruits. They are usually eaten by monkeys and babies. Bananas are mushy, and look like yellow poop in a yellow bag. When you take of the peel, it explodes in your face. They have a lot of seeds, and they look like bunny pellets

Banana GamesEdit

Banana rubEdit

Banana rub was popular in the 1920's-1930's. All you need to do is take a banana, smash it on your body, rub it all over yourself, and try to rub it off on other people!

Banana BlastEdit

Banana blast was popular in 1800-1900. To play, you need a cannon, a banana, and a wall. Put the banana in the cannon. Make sure the peel is still on. Fire the cannon at the wall.The banana will hit the wall, and you try to do the least damage to the banana as you can. This would be a lot easier with a metal peel though. The reason it stopped being popular was a tragic accident. A man used a metal peel to make it easier, but it hit a monkey! That monkey never ate another banana again.

Banana PantsEdit

This was only popular for a couple weeks. You need at least two players, and a timer. You try to stuff as many bananas as you can in your pants in a minute. Whoever has the most bananas in his/her pants is the winner!

Banana WeaponsEdit

Banana cannonEdit

It is a yellow, long cannon. When you pull the rope at the end, it will fire a large, deadly banana. It was used in Banana War II. There was a safer version used in the game Banana Blast.

Banana Missile.Edit

Duh. It's a banana that shoots like a rocket and explodes when it hits.